Our Mission

Mulier Care is a non-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, which provides assistance to women who have a minimal support network. We assist these women with crisis and unplanned pregnancies in their initial decision to make an informed choice for themselves and their child, and we help them become better prepared to care for themselves and their children, both before, and after they give birth.

Mulier Care focuses on providing women the basic education, advocacy, and help they require during their greatest time of need. Providing a continuum of care is essential to helping a woman thrive during her crisis. If the mother cannot thrive, her unborn child will not survive.

Why We Do It

The Pro-Life movement in the United States is not only about advocacy, influencing policies, and changing laws: this is only the tip of the iceberg. At the root of the effort is aiding the woman in making life-affirming choices for herself and her child. Assisting a woman in crisis needs to include not only helping her make the right decision to preserve the sanctity of life, but also improving her livelihood and helping her provide the best care for her newborn and herself. These are the fundamental steps to success in the Pro-Life movement.

‘Mulier’ is Latin for “woman” and so our name means, “Woman Care.” At the heart of our mission is service to women.  In St. John Paul II’s Mulieris Dignatatem, Saint John Paul II writes of the importance of women and encourages everyone to acknowledge and affirm the true genius of women. At Mulier Care we believe women are powerful and capable. It is our goal to show our clients they can be champions for their children.

How your donations help

Clients Served