Our Why

Women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies struggle with unique and difficult challenges. Some have experienced trauma and require immediate assistance to find safe and secure living arrangements. Some need more information about their options and seek a confidential and nonjudgmental meeting place and compassionate people with whom they can share their concerns. Others need time to contemplate their futures and are searching for an environment outside of their own in which they can safely speak to someone about just that. Our mission at Mulier Care is to provide women with the reassurance they need, the refuge they desire, and an opportunity to regain the dignity that has been stripped of them by the very crises that lead them to contemplate abortion. We want them to see the gift of motherhood that has been bestowed on them by God.

How do we do this? We have opened a mobile unit which provides a place for women in crisis to feel confident that the information they share will be kept confidential, where we will provide accurate information about their choices, and where we will offer the support that they need to become empowered to make decisions that do not endanger themselves, their children or their loved ones. Our continuum of care is just this: a program designed to provide a personalized plan for each woman who decides to parent her child, the goal of which is to assist her in finding the resources she needs to care for herself and her child and to provide her with the tools she needs to sustain a happy and healthy household, void of these crises, in the future. Our end goal is to see a woman thrive such that her child is born and raised in an environment of love, respect and integrity just as God intended.

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